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Secretary to Widdy Neale
Interviewed on October 12, 2004

Interview (1 hr 5 mins)

Ms. Calabrese offered a number of recollections of Widdy Neale, who had come to Yale from West Virginia and graduated in 1926. Went to work for Yale in 1931 as business manager of athletic dept. until he retired in 1969. He started inter-mural athletic program. One of his duties was to manage the golf course. He continued that duty after he retired until 1979. He was Sec. of CSGA from 1969-85 (died). She was his secretary from 1960-79 at Yale and at CSGA until 1985. Al Wilson was soccer & golf coach (not pro golfer) and replaced by David Paterson in 1975. 1931 1 st CSGA Open held at Yale and 50 th in 1981. Neale “convinced” William Beinecke to give money for in-ground watering system and cart and cart paths, later for new clubhouse. In 1976 the 9th hole was named for Widdy. The 1st Widdy Neale Tournament, organized by the Eli Club in 1979, attracted 350 players. The CSGA 4-ball is now called the Widdy Neale Tournament. She related the story, told her by Widdy, of Dr. Hugh Dwyer playing 36 holes the day before his left arm was amputated as treatment for cancer. Several years later playing with one arm he had hole-in-one on the 9th. She had memories of several assistant pros to David Paterson: Jim Streckfus, Lloyd Mattie, and John Wilson. She had a newspaper article mentioning play at Yale by Bobby Jones, Tommy Armour, Doug Ford, Prescott Bush, Pat Boone, Robert Goulet.

Widdy was married with one child (Bill, now deceased) and 2 adopted grandchildren. His brother “Greasy” coached freshman football with Gerald Ford (law student) as an assistant. Greasy played professional football for Phila. Eagles and coached U. of W.Va.

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