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Hole #2 “The Pits”

Hole #2 “The Pits”

375 yards, 344 yards, 336 yards, par 4

CharleHole2Layouts Banks in 1925:This is a natural green heavily bunkered on the left with a rather narrow approach on the right. Much of the green is on natural ground though along the left it has been dramatically built up and features one of the most feared bunkers on the course; a sandpit with a depth in excess of 20 feet. Balls missing this green further left than is bunker will fall into deep oblivion. In general the green can be considered a “Cape setting” jutting out, seemingly into mid-air, rather than out into a body of water.”

Present-day: The left-to-right slope of the fairway favors a tee shot that tracks the right side. Scott Ramsay has widened this fairway somewhat, and long drives can run over the hill on the left or repel off the mound on the  right. The twin 30-foot deep bunkers to the left side of the “cape” green force threaten second shots to most pin locations, while a safer  approach to the right-side of the green leaves sharply sloping putts towards the deep bunker to the left.


A present-day view from the #2 fairway towards the “Cape” green


Golfers on the #2 green in the 1930’s


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