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[Note: You must have a recent version of the RealMedia plug-in installed on your computer to view these videos.]

The Golf History Project has collected several hundred photographs and digital images, a portion of which are viewable through the galleries listed on the left-hand menu. We continue to search for images pertaining to Yale golf history, and we welcome any contributions. We will insure the proper treatment of prints and negatives and return the originals promptly after digitizing. Please contact John or Bill if you have any appropriate images.

The 1931 Connecticut Open (13:54) See also this article.

In 2001, David Paterson put together an 11-minute overview of Yale golf and its golf teams that was produced by Yale Media Services and directed by Michael O’Keefe. It is narrated by Mr. Paterson himself. A streaming version of this may be seen here: Birth of a Sport: A History of Golf at Yale” (11:41)

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