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Oral History Interviews

Beckett, Tom | Director of Athletics, Yale University

Beinecke, William S. | Longtime supporter of the Yale Golf Course

Benerofe, Gary | Class of 1999, member of the Yale Golf Team, 1995-1999, captain, 1998-1999

Brockner, Charles (“Ed”) | Class of 2001, member of the Yale Golf Team, 1997-2001

Calabrese, Terry | Secretary to Widdy Neale

Cozza, Carm | Professor Emeritus and Former Head Coach, Yale Football Team

Daly-Donofrio, Heather | Class of 1991, member of the Yale Women’s Golf Team, 1988-1991, LPGA Tour Professional

Dye, Pete | Golf course architect

Fehr, Gerry | Class of 1955, member of the Yale Golf Team, 1951-1955

Gentry, Elizabeth | Grand-niece of Charles B. Macdonald

Goldstein, Paul | Longtime member of the Yale Golf Club

Gray, Steve | Class of 2005, member of the Yale Golf Team, 2001-2005, Captain, 2004-2005

Heintz, Bob | Class of 1992, member of the Yale Golf Team, 1989-1992, Captain, 1991-1992, PGA Professional

Jones, Rees | Class of 1963, golf team manager and player, now golf course designer.

Jones Jr., Robert Trent “Bobby” | Class of 1961, member of Yale Golf Team, 1957-1961, golf architect and author

Kohler, Herbert V. | Class of 1965 and CEO, The Kohler Company

Kushlin, Sam | Longtime member of the Yale Golf Club

Lee, William T. | Three time Connecticut State Amateur Champion, ten time Yale Golf Club Champion.

Meusel, Harry | Yale Golf Club Course Superintendent (1952-1993)

Moan, Mary | Head Coach, Women’s Golf Team, Yale University

Moran, Mike (“Mow”) | Head Greenskeeper, Yale Golf Course

Neale, William | Grandson of “Widdy” Neale

Nelson, Philip | Former Dean of the School of Music and former chair of the Yale Golf Committee, Yale University

Newman, Herbert S. | Architect and designer of Prospect Hill Clubhouse and the cart barn

Oosterhuis, Peter | 1973 PGA Champion and CBS golf analyst

Paterson, David | Director of Golf Emeritus and Head Coach, Men’s Golf Team

Pulaski, Peter | Director of Golf, Yale University

Ramsay, Scott | Golf Course Superintendent, Yale GC (2003- )

Resnick, Esther | Widow of Burt Resnick.

Rogers, Jim| Captain of the 1968 Men’s Golf Team, President of the Yale Golf Association (2003-2006)

Rulewich, Roger | Golf course architect and president of the Roger Rulewich Group

Schleicher, John | First President of the Eli Club and first Yale Golf Club champion

Smith, Dan | Longtime member of the Yale GC

Sullivan family members | interviewed about Joseph Sullivan, Professional Golf Instructor and former Head Coach, Men’s Golf Team, Yale

Sweetser, Jess | Interviewed by Dave Paterson, Director of Golf Emeritus

Tettelbach, Bob and Bob Nagel | Longtime members of the Yale Golf Club and of the Eli Club

Vare, Ned | Captain of 1956 Golf Team

Venturi, Ken | US Open Champion and former CBS golf analyst

Wilson, Al | Yale Golf Team coach 1954-1970 [Interview with his son]

+ = interview conducted by telephone by John Godley and Bill Kelly, with Scott Ramsay and Mike Moran

All others have been conducted in person by John Godley and Bill Kelly.

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